Salad Box


Salad Box Lettuce, arugula, cucumber, olives and tomato. What kind of components are these?.. “Salad?! Oh come on, we here need to have lunch, not a teaser!” they said.

Let’s not talk about societies’ mindset changing, let’s now only talk about my own mindset changing! Salad Box has quite simply changed my idea about salad. Healthy food has always had a reputation of not being tasty and tasty food has always had a reputation of not being healthy. Is there ever a “healthy + tasty” food? Salad Box has eventually solved this equation. Since April 2012, when Salad Box appeared, it has been doing a good favor for the people who need to be on a diet but can’t afford giving up fast delicious food. We bet that salad is so grateful; it’s not anymore that additional extra teaser dish that will be put on one side of the table. It’s not even a dish anymore! In its new dress, a 5-faces cube/box; the salad will now be placed proudly at the middle of the table and treated as the main dish. A healthy tasty food for a joyful future awaiting a brilliant generation that’s finally thinking out of the box.. the Salad Box.

Abdelrahman Mohamadeen

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