Experience for life – UNTOLD Festival


Even before we came to Romania, UNTOLD was a festival where the crew, especially Pakistanian boys, wanted to go. But for me, it was just yet another overexposed festival with pricy tickets and music you can’t dance to. I didn’t even know all the headliners and bands, but I was refusing to even consider going to the Festival. But, as our internship is full of (awesome) surprises, in our job description was attendance of the UNTOLD and writing about it/filming it. You can imagine my happiness.

But, after the first day/night with my international entourage, this experience once again thought me that I need to be open-minded and embrace new opportunities. Standing in a crowd of people you don’t know, but feeling like at home, holding our dear Chinees girl on my shoulders while one of the most popular world DJ’s is playing on the stage and experiencing unity with 270 000 other people is the feeling that nothing can replace.

UNTOLD, see you next year!

Ivona Mikić

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