Untold Festival – Day 1

Cluj Napoca, the 2015 EYC is currently hosting the first edition of the Untold Festival. Last Thursday was Day 1. Clujians, Romanians and people from all over the world are impatiently waiting around the Central Park and Cluj Arena stadium. 6 pm seams so far yet so near. It’s a kind of enjoyable torture, waiting for the Untold to be Told knowing that you will barely be able to Tell it afterwards.. what a maze..

With four main stages, the Untold is planning to reveal everything in four consecutive days with no rest. Inside Arena, the trance is increasing in your blood minute by minute. Starting by a pure Romanian band, Suie Paparude, the stadium is being filled by young people who’re desperate for life to be revealed and for the Untold to be told. Then comes Tom Odell, Duke Domunt and Fedde Le Grand. The trance is higher, people are filling the place. Then what? Too many people are here only for them, whom? It’s a mess, you’re inside the crowd, over 50 thousand people are inside Arena right now. DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE, it’s starting! There is a kind of waves right now that are knocking everybody. Waves which has nothing to do with physics. They’re Untold waves, Untold music, Untold atmosphere, Untold trance, Untold glory. You suspect your ability to Tell all that afterwards. And then you realize that you don’t give a shit about fucking afterwards! You just live the Untold trance, that’s what you need at the moment. “Let me taste the untold for an hour and try to explain it for my whole life.”


(Everyone’s a lonely lullaby Looking for a voice to amplify All the devil dust and heat inside To a stadium of alibis) Dimitri Vegas is perfectly describing you. If it wasn’t for the Untold Festival, how could this be ever Told?… What’s the happiest moment in your entire life? Now you know the answer.

 Abdelrahman Mohamadeen

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