Riviera Narghilea Café – a Shisha Heaven.

Feeling good while puffing a real shisha and chatting with your friend…have you ever thought about such experience and would like to have a try? Riviera Narghilea Café can make your dream come true.

Being in business for two years, Riviera Narghilea Café has become a famous place in Cluj-Napoca to hang out. The founder of the café Amer came from Syria and brought the idea of this special café to Cluj – the city with a large students population from all over Romania as well as other countries.

Once you enter the café, it gives you the feeling of being at home. You can find there not only outdoor garden seats, but also indoor lounge ones located underground. Raul from Craiova has been working as the bartender in the café for a month says that in Riviera, you can find the best shisha in town. Also not being originally from Cluj-Napoca, this city made Raul fall in love with it’s nice people and great places as well as the night life. He likes the city so much he wouldn’t like to see any changes.


When asked about the recommended places to visit in Cluj-Napoca, besides the city square, Central Park and hill, Raul strongly recommends clubs and bars of Cluj by saying that “you need to come and visit yourself to feel it in live!” For example, Museum Square whereby a lot of museums and cafes can be found, Midi Club with good music and of course, don’t forget about Riviera Narghilea Café with the best shisha in town!

As a youth of Cluj, Raul is not just a bartender. He is also a member of Beer Brother Organisation to keep himself updated. Apart from his work, Raul enjoys playing music during his free time. All the work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Therefore, it is crucial for one to be preoccupied with a hobby.

Besides shisha, Riviera Narghilea Café can offer to their guests a variety of drinks and atmospherical environment with nice music on the background. Riviera Narghilea Café is opened every day from 9am to 1am and from 12pm to 1am during weekends.
Pay a visit to Riviera Narghilea Café to experience the shisha heaven on your own!

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