Quiz Night

Away from the atmosphere of work, trainings, and internship programs, AIESEC Cluj Napoca organized for its local committee members, alumni and international trainees a quiz night in Shto college bar where fun and competition were strongly present. 

About 6 people from all over the world gathered around multiple tables for one common ultimate goal: answering a maximum of questions to win the free festival tickets, while spending an amazing time together. Laughs and enthusiastic conversations filled the air while each participant was trying to find a long lost information in his memory to answer the quiz’s varied questions.


Different teams adopted different strategies, when some were seriously concentrating on the questions and trying hard to remember a singer’s name or a movie title, others seemed more chilled out, putting random answers and counting more on the luck than on the personal general culture. Internet was not allowed, nevertheless, you could see glowing cell phones’ monitors here and there, in a pocket or under a table, surrounded by giggling participants, happy that Shazam helped them get the playing song’s title or that Google recognized a movie from the few words they wrote about it in the search engine.

After a couple of rounds about song titles, singers’ and actors’ lives, movie titles and stories, came the one that seemed to get people the most enthusiastic. Participants were given multiple caricatured drawings of famous people that they were supposed to recognize and name. This particularly amusing task didn’t seem hard compared to the upcoming one where contenders had to recognize actors only from a picture of their mouth. The “Bazinga“ team didn’t seem to agree on the last one. “I am sure it is Mila Cunis“, said Qasim, a “We Are The Youth Generation” trainee from Pakistan. It was his word against the others’, so he had to give up insisting and go with the majority’s opinion. His defeat didn’t last long though since the results, a couple of minutes later, showed that he had the right answer. “We losу by one point, we could have won if they had written my answer!“, he told us after the end of the quiz, then again during the dinner a few hours later, and then a third time the next morning. Moral of the story: never doubt a guy’s opinion when it comes to a sexy woman’s lips.

Ihssane Zaadoud

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