Opening Ceremony

“We’re the youth generation” open ceremony: the name is a destiny

Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you make a single life changing decision? Surrounded by international team and our new friends from all around the world on Thursday night at Shto college bar I found a right answer. Your life would be absolutely amazing, there is no doubt.

Everything has a start and our story begins here and now with 22 strangers from 13 countries who were brought together to magnificent Romanian city Cluj-Napoca from different cultural backgrounds. Despite all the differences you can easily point something fundamental that not just unite us all but make a team out of a group of strangers. How can you see it? If you missed the premiere of a magnificent video made by our incredibly talented and hardworking interns Masood and Musa from Pakistan let me be your storyteller.


Once upon a time “We’re the youth generation” team crossed the Romanian border and started their journey while filming and documenting every move they make. So different but so alike, united by one goal, similar dreams and sharing same passion we’re putting our differences aside and the open ceremony brings the official start to this experience of a lifetime.

Presenting our team members to the guests wasn’t the easiest task to do but our brilliant Ihssane from Morocco never chose the simplest ways. To make the presentation more fascinating and touching every member has been asked just one random question to get to know them better. Pansy from Hong-Kong was asked who her favorite actor is and her answer put smiles on faces of others. “Johny Depp”, she answered. “Cause he can bring every character to life. And he’s sexy!” On a more serious note Nahyan from South Korea was asked what she is most proud of and without any hesitation she said: “Coming here, to Romania!”

Friendly atmosphere and welcoming applauses were filling the room and leading the ceremony to it end as the organization team took place to get the most deserved part of recognition. Months of hard work which were full of problems, important decisions and preparation stays behind and from now on the idea becomes our reality.

“We are the youth generation” is 22 young and talented people eager to learn, to grow and to impact the world around us. We are here to share the daily life beauty of European Youth Capital 2015 and celebrate the bliss of spectacular events which will take place in Cluj-Napoca this summer.

Anna Shindina

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