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Exploring by Feet in Cluj-Napoca, the Heart of Transylvania

It was a day where the sun played hide and seek with the clouds. However, this didn’t stop us from exploring the old town of Cluj-Napoca. We started our walk to the Saint Michael Roman Catholic Church. It is the first Catholic Church in Transylvania built between 1350 and 1480 with the height of 80 metre in gothic style. Once I stepped into the church, I can feel the silence although there were plenty of people inside. I was amazed with its architecture; there are beautiful stained glass windows and remarkable baroque carved pulpit. When I walked around in the church, some remaining mural paintings caught my attention. The mural showed the influences from northern Italy and there must be interesting story behind each of the mural.

After coming out from the church, we went to the Matthias Corvinus Statuary Ensemble. There is a huge King Matthias Corvin Statue and it was the work done by the sculptor János Fadrusz. The spectacular statue had attracted us to put our camera into working mode. Besides being a tourist spot for photo taking, this place has become a common place for public to have a break after a walk. Pigeons feeding can be seen and people were relaxing and chatting under the cloudy sky.


We then walked to the Avram Iancu Square and The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral. The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral is the famous Romanian Orthodox church in Cluj-Napoca. The place is magnificent and awesome with beautiful frescoes painted on the wall. There was a prayer session when we entered the church and it was a serious atmosphere. It is good to have a belief as this can give us guide whenever we feel helpless.

The view in the old town is breath-taking with beautiful buildings. However, Cluj-Napoca is not just only buildings, monuments, pubs and traffic. In the city, there is a paradise called Central Park located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca. I think it is a great place for relaxation, fostering friendship and building family bond. Gentle breeze could be felt as the result of two parallel lines of tall trees. Besides that, there is a lake whereby boat can be rented to enjoy the view of the lake. The park is not limited to these leisure activities, there were also events such as people getting married and concert held in the park.

As the gem in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca is waiting for you to discover!

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