Centura Transilvanei

Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova and Romania, 5 counties and over 50 participant gathered in the Demian Sports Hall in Cluj Napoca to compete for the first price of “Centura Transilvanei”, or “the belt of Transylvania”, an event organized by The Cluj Country Boxing Association, in partnership with Share Federation.

This third edition, that lasted 3 days counting from the 23rd of July 2015, was inaugurated with a press conference with the participation of guest stars such as Leonard Doroftei (president of FRBox), Mihai Leu (world champion), Adrian Diaconu (world champion), Valentin Silaghi (bronze medal winner at the Moscow Olimpiad in 1980 and the federal box trainer of Germany), but also with the presence of trainers from fellow clubs in the country and abroad, and representatives of the mass media.

People from different age groups, mostly Romanians, showed great enthusiasm about the games and were ready to support their favourite players or teammates. Germany seems to be the crowds’ favourite, after, of course, Romania.


While the spectators were patiently waiting for the beginning of the matches, Alex, a Romanian participant, was getting ready for his upcoming game. James, his teammate who was way more talkative and less stressed out than him, said he was unfortunately eliminated the previous day by a Hungarian boxer, but he still came to encourage his friend during the semi-finals. On the other side of the arena sat Timo, a German participant who spoke little English but who showed great enthusiasm. “It is my first time here”, he says, before assuring that the other 7 German participants and he do like the city very much, even though they couldn’t go out that much because of their boxing practice. “Women!”, he answers, with a big smile on his face and without any hesitation when asked about his favourite thing in Cluj-Napoca. To help him through his stay, Denisa, a young lady from Cluj that he introduces to us, was also glad to answer our questions. As a friend of Timo’s coach, she gladly agreed to show the young man the city and to help him communicate with locals. With her electronics engineering degree, she is planning to find a job in Cluj-Napoca to be able to live in her favourite city. “I am really proud to have such events for young people in Cluj, my hometown” she asserts, ”that really proves that Cluj Napoca deserves to be the Youth capital of 2015”.

Ihssane Zaadoud

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