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Welcome to the starting point of your unforgettable journey through Cluj Napoca, in the beautiful country of Romania. Romania is so much more than some stereotypes about vampires or gypsies, and during the six weeks that we’ve spent here, we have learnt so much about this amazing country, but most importantly about the city Cluj-Napoca, and we are more than happy to share it with you through this website, made by the « we are the youth generation » team : 22 youngsters from all over the world that are brought together by the love of discovering and sharing.

You’re probably wondering now : why Cluj-Napoca ?
Well, besides the fact that it has one of the most vibrant economies in the country, that it is the second largest city, and that it has the biggest percentage of student population, it won the title of European Youth Capital of 2015! Thus, one of the reasons why we spent the last month and a half here is to prove to the world that it truly deserves its title, and that it IS one of the best places where a young person can live.

Cluj dates back to at least AD 106, when it was a Roman settlement called Napoca – hence the double-barrelled modern name, though the ‘Napoca’ part is nearly always dropped in conversation. It vanished after the fall of Rome, and only started reappearing on maps a millennium later as KOOlochvár, an important city within the rapidly expanding Hungarian kingdom. Over centuries of conquests and competing claims, the city’s fortunes waxed and waned. In the 18th and early 19th centuries under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Cluj had a long stint as the capital of the empire’s Transylvanian province, an unofficial title it retains to this day. A still-sizable Hungarian minority – around 20% of the population – lends the city a multiethnic feel.

But whether you’re Romanian, Hungarian, or a from any other country in the world, there is no doubt that you would not get bored from its boulevards, baroque architecture, bohemian cafe society, and back streets animated with subterranean bars. From Union Square to the Fortress Hill, Cluj is varied mixture of art, culture and fascinating landscape. The numerous churches and Synagogues give it this historical touch that makes the city even more beautiful. Its more than 300000 inhabitants, among whom a big number of students, have made of the city their home, and once you get to visit it, you’d understand why. The warm weather during the summer is perfect for spending the day outdoors, chilling in Central Park or visiting the Botanical Garden, and the multiple clubs and bars that give Cluj-Napoca its fame of having a very active night life are always ready to welcome youngsters and enable them to dance and have fun. Another great way to have fun would be at the city’s multiple festivals, and especially at the biggest one that took place this year, the Untold Festival. With Avicii and David Guetta behind the turntables, good time is guaranteed ! Travelling can also be an option for Cluj’s visitors as it is roughly equidistant from Bucharest (324 kilometres), Budapest(351 km) and Belgrade (322 km). Well, time of departure has come, tighten your belts, and get ready to enjoy your trip with us through Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transalvania.

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